March 2019

Vaccinations for All

The more we research vaccines and how many people are against getting them, the more outraged I feel. The TED Talk I linked to there gives a good summary of the issue at hand as well as why so many parents, including highly educated parents (including Ben Franklin, who later regretted his decision), are reluctant to vaccinate or even refuse to do so.

Deep Sea Scavenger Hunting

Death is the great equalizer, and eventually we all end up a bug buffet. The same goes for nature's most enormous creatures, like whales, who sink to the bottom of the ocean floor and become food for countless animals. While it's sad to ever think of whales dying, just as it is to think of any majestic animal passing way, it's amazing to see how many animals actually eat the carcasses of whales, completing the circle of life.

Conscious Eatery

At Conscious Eatery in Seattle, not only will you get a delicious meal, but you'll give a meal to someone else who needs one every time you make a purchase. The restaurant has donated 20,000 meals, averaging over 500 meals a month, in honor of its many customers and continues to give back to the community. Customers say that they can definitely taste the love in their food.

Growing Crystals With Salt

When you can combine science with your arts and crafts, you can not only learn more about the world around you but even educate any children, cousins or kids you're babysitting or teaching, too. One of the things I've really enjoyed doing with kids is "growing" crystals, which can then be used as cool decorations much like your other crafts.

Too Much For TV

Family Guy likes to push the envelope to the point of being edgy for edgy's sake, which is often annoying. When their jokes are clever and on point, we laugh so hard, but sometimes they just try to get by with shocking people instead of making them laugh, which seems rather lazy and unproductive to many fans.

Frog Blood To Help Preserve Human Organs?

One of the most difficult things about organ transplants is making the organs last long enough to make it to their recipients. Traveling distance, harvesting and preparing the recipient all take precious time that can waste how viable an organ might be from start to finish. That's why researchers are hoping to find out how to slow down the decay of an organ harvested by using the science of frog anatomy.

Stress Relief, 80s Style

Did you know that it's been confirmed that playing Tetris is an excellent form of stress relief? I'm not surprised at all. Tetris was my all-time favorite game as a kid. I even loved it more than Super Mario Brothers 3, which was such a cool game I still play it to this day. Experts say that it really helps you focus on the moment rather than worrying about the past or future.

Gardening with Disabilities

Gardening is more than just a fun hobby. For some people, it's a way of life, a way of expression or even providing healthy nourishment for themselves and their families. For some, it's connecting to the planet, or even to loved ones via family traditions. It's also just a healthy hobby that helps relieve stress, improve heart rate and promote good health overall. It should be accessible to all people.

Travel Games for Grown-Ups

Travel games are usually thought to be diversions to keep kids from complaining during road trips, but grown-ups certainly need them, too. When we're in the car for lengthy periods of time, we play a bunch of made-up games without equipment required. We'll play a musician game, where you have to name a musician based on the last letter of the last person's musician (Steven Tyler is followed by Travis Tritt, for example). We'll also do a movie quotes game where one person chooses a quote and the other has to guess the film it's from.