February 2018

Humane Mouse Traps

Over the weekend, our mouse got lost in a house of cats and dogs. You can imagine how stressful this was! Finding a humane mouse trap was also stressful; there wasn't a single one in our city. I had to order one online and rush it to use it. Within hours our mouse was caught! Yay! Before it arrived, it was a long two days of our cats being locked up in the basement and us worrying about the mouse himself.

Tiny Animals in Tiny Sweaters

Tiny animals. Tiny sweaters. Need we say more? This gallery of little cuties will make you squeee until the pigs come home--guinea pigs, that is.

You may have seen hamsters in sweaters (who could get sick of seeing that?), but have you ever seen a penguin in a sweater? How about bunies, piglets or even a snail? These adorable photos will absolutely melt your heart! I just sent them to everyone I know because who couldn't use a little bit of cheering up?