January 2018

Animals That Will Eat You

Will you be eaten by a bear? A hungry wolf? Maybe a simple brown recluse bite will do you in. This amazing infographic will show you which animal is the most likely to kill (or eat) you according to which state you live in. Some of them are quite surprising, and in LOTS of states, it's a horse or other large animal. Being bitten by or crushed by large reptiles seems unlikely in Missouri, for example, but that's the truth of the matter according to the data.

Two-Hued Bird

Animals with leucism have a genetic mutation that prevent one side of their bodies from containing pigment. In this cool photo of a cardinal, some of the animal's feathers are leucitic. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, when this occurs straight down the animal's body, it means that the bird is half male, half female and the condition is known as gynandromorphism.