December 2017

Dancing Bears Saved

Am I the only person who is annoyed when people say they "rescued" pets they adopted? I don't mind if you say, "She was a rescue dog," if the shelter did, in fact, rescue her from somewhere, but if you just paid for a pet and you say that you personally rescued it, it just seems a stretch to me. Why not say adopted? 

Vet Shoots Dog

As the owner of two blue heeler/lab mixes, I know how annoying barking can be. The sound of my dogs barking can be grating on my ears and I usually call them back inside after a moment of barking. I sure appreciate it when someone I don't know knocks on my door or someone tries to sell me something, though!

Black Serval

One of the coolest animal stories to emergy fro 2017 was that of a rare, wild black serval caught on video. Servals are cool in and of themselves. They are gorgeous wild cats with beautiful coats and long, pointed ears. Seeing a black serval, however, is quite rare, so when a black serval was captured on camera in Kenya, it made the news.

I Can Has Cheeseburger?

Recently someone mentioned the website I Can Haz Cheeseburger? and it really took me down memory lane. I bet ICHC was one of my first favorite websites when I started using the Internet! For those who are weirded out by my age now, the site is a place where you can find funny Internet memes and GIFs, often of the animal variety. You can even watch videos and rate them (thumbs up or thumbs down).