November 2017

No Alpha Males, No Drama Among Baboons

What if you took every alpha male out of a society? Do you think it would collapse or prosper? When the alpha males died out of a troop of baboons, the latter occurred. The alphas in a troop known as the Garbage Dump Troop wouldn't allow other baboons to consume the food they accessed though the garbage bins, which means that when they ate poisoned meat, half of the males in the troop died.

The Awesome Tibetan Mastiff

Have you ever seen a Tibetan Mastiff? It's one of the most impressive dogs in the world. It's considered a primitive breed of dog, since it remains similar to the breed that was developed in Tibet hundreds of years ago. Their massive nature has been used for protection, particularly for protecting livestock, but now they're also a well-known family pet, even though they can often be bigger than children!

Plastic Rings Harm Animals

When I was 12 years old, I demanded every plastic ring at my mom's company picnic, cutting them all up before they could go into a landfill and end up around some bird's neck. People rolled their eyes and said it wasn't a big deal, but would they say that to this poor fish who is growing around the plastic rings that surround him? This poor pike may be living, but how great is the quality of his life?