October 2017

Animals Rescued From Bags in Basement

Pangolins are the most trafficked animal on Earth right now, and recently many bags containing pangolins and turtles were found in a basement in Vietnam. Over 100 animals were wrapped up and ready to be sold as medicine and meat to the highest bidder. The perpetators of this crime haven't been located yet but I'm glad that the animals were safely found and rescued before that could happen to them.

Owning a Pet Isn't Always Eco-Friendly

Did you know that some pets have some pretty high carbon footprints? We don't often thing about the ecological cost of having pets, but it turns out that keeping our pets healthy can come at a high price. The amount of food that cats and dogs eat combined results in 64 million tons of greenhouse gases released into our atmosphere. Pets eat almost 20% of what people in America eat so it makes sense that their food impact is as much as about 13 million cars' worth!

The Stinkiest Animals in the World

It's the time of year when skunks start to plague our property. That stink really sinks into the house to the point where we can't have company or even eat! I've discovered that the trick is to air out the house, even though that's the last thing you want to do since it means opening windows to more smell initially. The airing helps the scent dissipate much more quickly, though, and it's gone in at least a few hours. f

New Grizzly Ridge at St. Louis Zoo

Two new animals now call the St. Louis Zoo their home. Huck and Finley are two and a half year-old grizzly bear siblings that were relocated to the area from Montana, where the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Service caught their mother on a nuissance charge. The two had a special habitat designed just for them that includes a wading pool, waterfall, rocky bluffs and plenty of grass and cave structures to play or hide in.