August 2017

Work for the ASPCA

Have you always wanted to help animals in a big way? The American Society for the Protection of Animals is always looking for field investigators and responders to help them rescue animals in need. They offer training programs to help prepare you for this incredibly important work. This team is asked to travel across the country, responding to reports of animal abuse and investigating to ensure the health of as many animals as possible.

Help Scientists Track Bats

Have you always wanted to be a citizen scientist? You can help animals and plants from the comfort of your home with projects like Zooniverse, a website where you can track animals, watch videos, view and categorize footage in just a few moments to help scientists with their projects. Right now, there's a great project to help Arizona Batwatch through Zooniverse that you can do.

How to Help Shelter Animals When You Can't Adopt

This week, my family is participating in the last GISHWHES scavenger hunt for charity and we got to help some shelter animals as part of the hunt! Some people think that just because they can't adopt an animal they can't really help out at a shelter, but that just isn't true. There are SO many things you can do. Here are just a few ideas:

Volunteer to read to the animals, walk them, play with them and care for them.

Donate money to the shelter. Host a fundraiser!

Gene Simmons Cow Born

Whether you love KISS, animals or both, you will love this baby cow's face. Born on a ranch in Texas, this cow, aptly named Genie, looks JUST like Gene Simmons--or rather the "demon" face paint that Simmons wears on stage! Animals born with special markings are always pretty popular; do you recall the cat born with a face split right down the middle with multiple colors?