July 2017

Understanding Animal Pain

People often argue about whether or not animals can experience pain the way that people (ahem, also animals) feel pain. It seems to make sense that of course animals feel pain in a similar way, but many may make the argument out of feelings of guilt that they just don't feel like we do. New tools from Massey University may shed some light on the subject. The results of this device may help vets provide animals with much better pain management, such as proper sedation levels.

Hunted to the Left, Hunted to the Right

Although it could technically be called hunting, when you attempt to catch fish, it's usually called fishing. When you are after flying fish, however, should it be referred to as hunting? 

The animals who hunt the flying fish would probably think so. While most animals in the wild have some adaptations to give them a fighting chance against their predators, others just seemed doomed if they do and doomed if they don't. A perfect example is the majestic flying fish. 

Tiger Cuddles Pregnant Woman Through Glass

Have you seen the viral video going around of the tiger that snuggled up to a woman at the zoo? Well, the tiger snuggled as closely as he could get considering that there was glass between the two of them, but people are squealing over it because they believe the tiger "sensed" she was pregnant and was rubbing its face all over the glass, much like a cat would do.