June 2017

Animal Cruelty to Become Felony in PA

Animal lovers and protectors of all kinds will love this news: Tom Wolf, the governor of Pennsylvania, is signing legislation into effect today that will make it a felony to engage in some forms of animal abuse. The law, known as Libre's Law, is named after a terrier that was rescued from an inhumane breeding facility just a few hours from what would have been the dog's death.

Pigeons Can Detect Cancer

You've heard of homing pigeons delivering messages for humans, but have you heard of cancer-detecting pigeons? Scientists have trained the birds to identify cancer in images of tissues taken through biopsy procedures and they say that pigeons are actually just as good at finding cancer as human experts are when averaged out per flock. It may sound silly to do this, but it can help cut costs and time.

Seal Boards Boat to Escape Certain Death

There is an amazing video going around the Internet of a seal that jumps up on a boat to escape certain death! A family was out in the water, watching a pod of whales, when the creatures' prey made a beeline for their boat. The animal desperately flopped up on the boat and you can see the fear on it's poor face as it tries to decide which is more dangerous: the black and white beasts that have eaten its kin or the hairless apes who yell in surprise as they float around on their boat!