May 2017

All the Happy Animals

Nothing warms your heart the way an animal can, and this selection of 30 happy critters will have your day off to a great start! From smiling dogs to grinning cats, it's the most heart-warming thing you'll see all day. The best part is that you can bookmark it and return to it anytime you're feeling glum. Boring day? Check out the cat with the rock collection! Feeling down? Watch the dog try to help people rescue a vehicle and try not to smile.

New Snake Species Discovered

A new species of snake that lived about 5 million years ago was discovered in a sinkhole in Tennessee. Known as the Zilantophis schuberti, the snake is especially cool because it has a couple of vertebrae that are not like any other snakes known. These bones jut out as if they were meant to be home to a couple of serpent wings, giving the snake its nickname, which is "winged serpent." As creepy as flying snakes might sound, they make perfect sense.

Lead is Killing Bald Eagles

The next time you want to smirk, "Eat my lead!" at some beastie you're shooting in the woods, hunters, think about your ammo. If you're a fan of the bald eagle, your choice of lead ammunition may upset you. Bald eagles are dying because they are ingesting prey that has been riddled with lead, poisoning the eagles to where they cannot even lift their heads up or open their beaks.