March 2017

Bestiality Now Illegal in Ohio

Believe it or not, there were no laws against bestiality in Ohio up until last week, which has to make you wonder two things: 1. Why were there no laws created when the rest of the states decided to make it illegal, and 2. What prompted the law to finally go into effect? Hopefully it wasn’t one of those situations where they finally put a “Caution: Contents hot!” on coffee c ups because some idiot didn’t have enough common sense to realize that his or her coffee was, in fact, hot.

SNL Animal Pornographer Skit is Hilarious

Poking fun at the media is a popular activity these days, especially with so many fake news stories circulating around Facebook and other social media. When SNL does it, however, they make it pretty hilarious—whether they are ripping on Sean Spicer or using Baldwin for his spot-on Trump impersonations. This past weekend, they took on the news industry’s tendency to get some things wrong—in this case, the headlines on their live TV coverage.

Seafood Company Kills Lobster, Convicted of Cruelty

Yep, you read that right. A seafood company was recently convicted of animal cruelty not for killing a lobster, but for the way they decided to kill it. This torture was carried out by dissecting the animals alive prior to preparation without stunning or killing the creatures first, which is the law in Sydney, Australia.