August 2012

Grizzly bear kills Denali backpacker

First fatal grizzly attack ever recorded in Denali National Park

Alaska's majestic Denali National Park was the scene of a tragic death on Saturday. In the first known fatality due to a bear mauling in Denali, a backpacker has been attacked and killed by a grizzly bear.

The man was backpacking alone through Denali's amazing scenery along the Upper Toklat River. On Friday afternoon, three hikers found a backpack lying on the ground, along with "signs of a struggle." The hikers did the right thing, returning to a rest area three miles away and alerting authorities. 
A few hours later, park rangers marshaled a helicopter and went to scan the area. They spotted a grizzly bear, and the victim's remains nearby. According to CNN, the authorities believe that the man was attacked near the river, and the bear subsequently dragged his body to a nearby sheltered area which offered seclusion in some bushes.