January 2012

The "Pet Adoption Nazis"

Adoption agencies want the best for their adoptees - but all they're doing is making it harder for pets to find new homes

Slate's Emily Yoffe (perhaps better known as Ask Prudence) has written an admirably cool-headed and reasonable article about the extraordinarily tight restrictions and adoption interviews that are becoming the norm with many animal rescue agencies and shelters. Both anecdotally and personally, I agree that this is something that has really become a rising problem over the last decade or so. 
I too know several people who, for ridiculous reasons, failed their adoption interviews. They came to the agencies looking to give an animal a good home, and were rejected. Obviously the adoption agencies don't know my friends from Adam, and they have to draw the line somewhere. 

Are You Sure You Want a New Pet?

As we get closer to Easter again, I am reminded of how many pets are brought home at the spur of the moment and then neglected when the novelty wears off.  Easter bunnies are a perfect example of this.  In rabbit forums, you will often hear the recommendation to wait until a couple months after Easter to get new breeding stock, because by then people are tired of their Easter bunnies and looking for a way out.  It is a great time to get cages and supplies, too.

Vacationing When You Have Animals

I love having animals.  They are so much a part of our life here that I cannot imagine living without them.  From the chickens that provide our eggs to the dogs that provide wrestling partners for the toddlers, our life is much better because we have animals.  When it comes time to go away for a vacation or even an overnight outing, having animals can make plans much more difficult, but there are options to make sure your animals get proper care while you are away.

Endangered Species

Many people do not understand that there are so many endangered species in the world today. It is very important to try to help save them to avoid having them become instinct. Below I have shared some of the endangered species in the world that many people do not even think twice about.

Remember Your Pets as the Temperature Drops

As we approach the coldest part of the year for some regions, it is time to begin thinking of the comfort of our outdoor pets and animals.  When temperatures begin to plummet, animals that live outdoors will begin to have higher energy requirements.  They need even more food and water than normal to help them stay warm and ward off the frigid temperatures.  They also need adequate shelter that is free from drafts and moisture.