November 2011

Got Milk? Try Goat Milk

I don't know why goat milk has such a stigma attached to it.  Most people hear "goat" and immediately make disgusted noises or funny faces.  I'll bet most of those folks have never even tasted goat milk, and what a shame it is, because goat milk tastes just as good as cow milk, but has more nutritional value and lower fat.  The key is to handle it properly and chill it before drinking.

Tool-Using Crows

The New Caledonian Crow out-performs some primates in resourcefulness


It's easy enough to make tools when you've got opposable thumbs. Work at it for a few millennia and you'll go from using rocks as hunting weapons to playing Call of Duty on an incredible machine that you don't even fully understand. We've come pretty far as primates. We owe a lot to our thumbs. That's why it's all the more incredible when we notice animals without proper hands using and adapting tools like we do. Birds, no less.

Western Black Rhino is Now Extinct

In sad news last week, the International Union for Conservation of Nature announced that the Western black rhino is officially extinct, with two other species of rhino quite possibly extinct as well.  The Northern white rhino of Africa and the Javan rhino in Vietnam are both also very likely extinct.  There is a small group of Javan rhinos on Java, but that population is declining as well.

Do I Need to Vaccinate My Pet?

Quite often, the decision to vaccinate a pet is based on financial reasons, and understandably so.  To vaccinate my large breed puppy, our local veterinarian wanted to charge $26 per visit and required three visits.  This amount is only for the vaccinations and does not include any deworming or other medications.  You can vaccinate your pets on your own with little cost, but many people shy away from the thought of hurting their pets or doing something wrong.

What should be at the heart of the decision is whether or not vaccines can really benefit your pet.  Depending on where you look, you will find very strong opinions on either side of the debate.  While it used to be considered essential, more research is showing that our pets are not only getting too many vaccines, but also are often suffering side effects and not even developing immunity to the diseases they are vaccinated for.

How to House Train Your Pup


In simple words, housebreaking is the training process for a pet animal that lives with humans inside the house. The term housebreaking is also synonymously used as house training. This training is specifically designed to make the animal intelligent enough to urinate and defecate outside the house or at a particular designated place within the house. The evolution of the name housebreaking comes from the fact that the owner of the pet intends to break the habit of the animal to defecate inside; hence breaking the habit inside the house evolved the term housebreaking. The term however is not equally implied to all animals. It is not necessary that every animal should be housebroken. Dogs are the class of animals that can be housebroken with a little patience.

Which Animal Has the Biggest Penis?

The answer to this provocative question may surprise you. The answer also depends on exactly what you mean by "biggest?"


Relative to its body size, the barnacle wins the award for biggest penis hands down. When extended to its maximum length, the barnacle penis can be up to 42 times the length of its body! This makes sense for an animal that is attached to a hard substrate as a sexually mature adult. There are times a barnacle needs an extra long penis to be able to reach another mate since it can't walk over and ask a potential mate to dance.