April 2011

Tell MO: Don’t Repeal Prop B!

Last year, we Missourians voted on a measure to help stop puppy mills called Proposition B. It passed, and you know why? Say what you will about Missourians about anything else, but we happen to love animals in the state—particularly dogs. Every person I know who has a dog—which is most of the people I know, by the way—treats him or her like one of their children. To quote every clichéd western film, we don’t take kindly to folks mistreatin’ our dogs.

But apparently the democratic process is dead in the state as well, since the House of Representatives outrageously vetoed the proposition by passing a counteractive measure known as SB 113. It’s now sitting on the desk of Governor Jay Nixon, waiting for its complete signing and the repeal of Prop B in kind.

Take Action: Save Animal Protection Laws

The recent hullaballoo that is otherwise known as the United States government has most of us pretty worried about everything from health services to our very national security. While most of us hope that the Democrats and Republicans can keep from getting their panties in a twist once again—and that they can all keep themselves from going medieval on women’s bodies—we also have to keep up the pressure on these people to do what’s right. Apparently, voting for them based on previous promises is not enough; we have to keep nagging them, like eight-year-olds who whine about taking out the trash.

Take Action Today: Save the Sea Otters

During the Bush years, Bristol Bay of Alaska was put on the table as a potential energy source, and the powers that were decided to open up the area for drilling. The area, however, is a national treasure, as well as home for many wildlife creatures. It’s the home of sea lions and whales, as well as the world’s largest population of sockeye salmon. Sea otters—a special animal to me ever since my little sister wanted to “adopt” one when we were kids—also call the area home.

Why is it that we humans are always trying to kick our fellow creatures out of their habitats—places where they deserve to live just as much as we do (if not more, since they aren’t the ones destroying other creatures’ habitats, after all)—all so we can use motor vehicles, an outdated form of transportation at best, that are run on petroleum?

Animal Rights Actions: Protected as Religious Beliefs

Recently animal rights activist Joe Hashman of the UK won his right to work, practice activism, and be exempt from any persecution or discrimination based on his animal rights work and beliefs. The judge in the case ruled Hashmsan’s beliefs to be protected as philosophical beliefs, or religious beliefs, are protected by law—in this case, specifically employment law, as Hashman claimed to have been fired over these beliefs. While working as a designer for Orchard Park Garden Centre in Dorset, his boss apparently found out that he was an “infamous” hunt saboteur and then dropped him from the job.