March 2011

A Raccoon, A Night Run and Chase

A raccoon escaped from a Russian zoo! Possibly on the run. Russian animals escaping from Russian zoos, American animals escaping from the New York zoo. Something is going on here.

There is a video on the internet showing the trouble, a run away raccoon gave his zookeepers.

He didn't act like a bad raccoon, as far as I can see on the video. He wasn't out raiding the garbage cans, knocking them over, or making a pest of himself, being anti-social. He wasn't something of a monster, a mutant raccoon, with fiery red eyes and a frightful face, like he has an evil brain. He wasn't being a particularly bad raccoon.

Escaped Cobra Takes NYC - And Twitter

So many Snake Plissken jokes, so little time.

This week the Bronx Zoo sheepishly announced that it is short an Egyptian cobra. OMG WHAT'S THAT BEHIND YOU? Oh sorry, it's just a belt lying on the floor. What was I saying? Oh yes: a venomous snake loose in the Bronx.

The photo you see here is a mug shot of sorts. Perhaps it should be printed on cartons of milk. (Is that still a thing?) This adolescent female snake is just shy of two feet long, and wields venom that can cause suffocation and death.

Bronx Zoo officials are working under the assumption that she is still in the zoo's Reptile House. But clearly they haven't been watching Twitter, because the cobra is on quite the whirlwind tour of New York.

R.I.P. Knut

Knut the Polar Bear was an internet sensation from day 1. Born at the Berlin Zoo, Knut's mother rejected both Knut and his twin brother soon after their birth. Knut's twin died four days later, but baby Knut - the size of a guinea pig - held strong.

The zoo made the decision to care for him, even though animal rights activists felt that it would have been more correct - and, in their view, ultimately kinder - to have him euthanized. Needless to say, the public disagreed, and pro-Knut protestors rallied on Knut's side.

Make an Animal Rescue Kit

In college I used to have this incredibly groovy Crusader mobile (Crusader was often my online handle—not in a religious way but as in an activist way, though now I realize, like a lot of things in my life, it was a bit pretentious). It was a Taurus wagon, and I had tie-dye seat covers, dinosaurs and funky pyramids glued to the dash, a Goonies pillow I made myself out of a t-shirt in the back, and the back of the thing was covered in bumper stickers. Man, I miss that car.