April 2010

A really, big bunny rabbit

Well what can I say? A really, big bunny rabbit, four foot four and growing, who weights three stones seven -- what ever that is. It's "more than the weight of  boy of five, " says the London Daily Mail And the bunny rabbit "is only just over 12 months old "

Yes, he was bred in England. Ms Annette Edwards, of Worcester, England, a former pet store owner, has a hobby of breeding large rabbits that make it into the Guinness World Records. He is her 4th record setter.

Got Goats?

Goats have received accolades in recent years, for their ability to munch down the greens and grasses that encourage wildfires on the west coast and keep roadsides and parks tidy and weed-free. They are extremely charming and sociable creatures and most of us have fond memories feeding pellets to goats at the fair or petting zoo as children. Goats are very affectionate, intelligent animals and are extremely agile creatures. 


A friend recently mentioned he was thinking about getting a Genet as a pet, which was the first time I've ever heard of  one - so of course I looked it up! Genets are a carnivorous cat-like creature and members of the Viverradae family, which include the Moongoose and the Civet. The are extremely agile with long tails and like Civets, spend alot of time up in the trees. They communicate with scent glands and are very musky, when frightened or angry they squirt an unpleasant fluid to deter enemies.

Host a Chimp Retirement Party on May 2

It never ceases to amaze me how we treat our animals. Remember what Gandhi said—“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” If we do this, we know that we’re absolutely not so great and not so moral. From our factory farms to countless cases of animal abuse and neglect, horse meat, animal races, circuses, zoos, and more—on a whole, we definitely do not treat our animals very kindly at all.

Bugs Used to Control Noxious Weeds

Are your noxious, non-indigenous weeds overtaking your garden and getting out of control? Are you seeking out a solution to get rid of the rapid-fire growth, but doesn’t involve the use of pesticides? Why not buy a bag of bugs to get the job done?

Bob Rich of Missoula, Montana opened up a bug collecting business that focuses on the collection of bugs that only eat non-indigenous plants in order to help farmers (and other gardeners) control their crops. The family business, which the Riches named Weedbusters Biocontrol, is responsible for collecting, identifying, storing, and then shipping the bugs, which are kept in his refrigerator before they are mailed.

Save the Spirit Bear

Ordinarily, the Spirit Bear might be something you’d hear about at Weird Animal Report. A white, non-polar bear must be some kind of albino creature, right? On the contrary, the Spirit Bear is really a type of black bear. One in ten black bears carry the recessive gene that makes the bears have white coats instead of black coats, resulting in the very rare bears considered sacred by many different native peoples. In fact, the National Resource Defense Council even uses the Spirit Bear in their logo.