March 2010

Germany's Wolf "Problem"

This recent article from German magazine Spiegel encapsulates everything problematic about the relationship between humans and wolves.  The Eastern Germany state of Saxony has experienced depopulation as people shift towards the cities with the poor economic climate.  And, perhaps coincidentally perhaps not, wolves have been gradually repopulating that area of Europe.

There is quite a lot of fear regarding the return of wolves to Germany, as you can see from the article's first paragraphs.  The mayor of a small town in Saxony is constantly taking calls from "agitated citizens" phoning to report wolf sightings.

Swiss Animals Will Not Get a Voice in the Courtroom

Every dog has his day. But apparently not in court. In a recent Swiss election, voters did not approve a referendum for animal representation in court. ??The referendum was apparently proposed by animal rights activists and would have given abused animals their fair representation in court, but was voted down by a 70% majority, possibly due to the costs of implementing the referendum.

I can easily imagine the impassioned speech an eloquent advocate would have given on behalf of the dogs in the Michael Vick case and can even envision an advocate fighting for the rights of the family dog in the case of inadequate care or a neglected dog.