February 2010

Killer Whales: Turns out, Aptly Named

I'm sure most of us have already heard about the Killer Whale attack on the trainer in Florida. She was pulled in and apparently drowned, or possibly mauled to death. It was show time and families were watching, which makes it especially tragic.

I watched our local news and they went to the former Sea World park in Vallejo, CA, now run by Six Flags. They also have a Killer Whale named Shouka. I assume Shouka lives alone. People were outside saying stuff like "I hope they tighten up their precautions so it doesn't happen again."

Puppy Bowl VI

Once again, Animal Planet brings us the entertainment that we want - nay, crave!  If you ask me, Puppy Bowl VI is THE premier sporting event of the year, and the fact that it's timed to coincide with certain other (non-puppy) sporting events is just a quirk of fate.

This year Pepper the Parrot was sorely missed.  Pepper's bizarre, crackpot rendition of the national anthem last year had me in tears of laughter from start to finish.  And how many other singers are wheeled out onto the field perched atop an RC car?  Pepper's childlike mangling of the lyrics was nothing short of hysterical.  Wherefore art thou, Pepper?

Fortunately, Animal Planet brought in two new things which helped cut the sting of a Pepper-less national anthem: