August 2009

Cows Committing Suicide

Now why does this sound familiar? Oh yeah. Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park, must be prophets. (Now that’s a scary thought!)

Apparently dozens of cows are leaping to their deaths in the Swiss village of Lauterbrunnen, near the Alps. In only three days, 28 cows have effectively killed themselves. You can see the disturbing photos of the mass suicide here.

These are mountain-grown cows, folks. They don’t just slip—“Oh! Oh! I’m falling down the mountain!”—to plunge tot their deaths out of nowhere. They’re used to the mountains and know the dangers of being near a cliff.

Giant Nomura's Jellyfish to Invade Japan

Fisherman and residents along the Japanese coast are preparing for the coming invasion of thousands of giant jellyfish. After a sighting of large numbers of the jellyfish in their fertile breeding grounds off of China, authorities are warning the locals in Japan to prepare themselves for the coming onslaught this fall. Sightings of the jellyfish have already occurred off of Niigata, Kyoto, and Shimane. The last large scale migration of the Nomura's jellyfish to Japan's coast occurred a few years ago in 2005 when massive damage to boats, nets, and other fishing equipment occurred and several people were injured when stung by their massive tentacles.

Circus Elephants Finally Freed

Following a heavy two-year campaign that included tens of thousands of letters and e-mails, demonstrations, and phone calls by concerned activists, three elephants—Tina, Jewel, and Queenie—are being freed from the cruelty they’ve endured from the traveling circus that purchased them.

On August 15, the USDA began to fulfill their promises of saving these animals by confiscating the most severely abused elephant, Jewel, who was obviously emaciated from food deprivation. The other two elephants remained with the Davenport circus family as they refused to cooperate with the USDA.

The FWS Steps In

Take Action for Dolphins, See The Cove

The Cove is the new documentary about former dolphin trainer Ric O’Barry and his fight to free dolphins today. O’Barry actually helped capture and train the dolphins used in the TV show “Flipper” and has since had a change of heart about using dolphins in captivity for entertainment.

O’Barry travels to Taiji, Japan, a community that is supposed to be devoted to dolphins and whales, supporting the creatures and their amazing uniqueness. However, once there, O’Barry encounters the cove—a remote area surrounded by barbed wire and “Keep Out” signs. He discovers that this is the place where fisherman secretly hunt for dolphin meat and perform dastardly acts to get it—and to keep it secret.

Jellyfish and Friends are Greener Than You

So you recycle. Maybe you even tote your purchases in canvas bags. You say you keep a compost bin, walk everywhere you can, and unplug all of your junk when it’s not in use? Cool.

You still have nothing on the jellies.

The journal Nature has just released a study indicating that jellyfish—along with some other marine friends—may actually be helping to reduce the effects of climate change.