March 2009

Dangers in Disguise: The Vampire Fish!

God, in his or her infinite wisdom, definitely showed some creativity when it came to populating the world with various inhabitants. Humans are certainly in the minority when it comes down to the number of creatures who share the planet with us, and not all of them are friendly, cuddly or cute.
Over the next few weeks, this Dangers In Disguise series will be looking at some of these scary animals that you won't even see coming. Candiru Fish
The Candiru Fish, a type of parasitic catfish.

Tigers Vs Humans

It's not a fight you really want to be in, although the winner would largely depend on how well armed the human was. In a chance encounter, the tiger has the advance - massive claws, fearsome teeth, powerful legs  and jaws, and a speed and weight which far outmatches our own - yet in a battle between the two species, humans are clearly winning.

Fishing Cats

All cats love to eat fish, right? Well, there is one species of cat which loves it more than most...
The Fishing Cats (Prionailurus viverrinus) are medium sized wild cat native to many regions of Southeast Asia including India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Thailand.

Animal Roundup

Killer Komodo Dragons, life saving parrots and the circle of life.  A look at some animal antics that made the news this week.
A lifesaving parrot in Denver, Colorado was given the Animal Lifesaver Award by the local Red Cross as the bird alerted his owner when a young girl was choking on her breakfast.
The hero is a Quaker parrot named Willie, who came to the rescue in November when his owner Megan Howard was babysitting the little girl. Megan left the room and the toddler began to choke on her breakfast.

Polar Bear Twin Dies

Last December there was a double celebration at Ouwehands animal park in the Netherlands when Huggies, the polar bear rescued from an ice floe in Sibera in 1994 gave birth to twins.   Polar bears often have two cubs. The twins were named Walker and Swimmer and had been hibernating over the cold winter months since their birth.  Only last week videos appeared of the baby bears up and about and could be seen playing happily with their mother in their enclosure. This week sadly one of the cubs was found dead.  The cub has be

Endangered Alert: The Wild Bactrian Camel

When you think of endangered species,  camels may not be one of the first animals you think of.  After all,  they are abundant in Egypt,  with most tourists getting their photo taken on (or at least near) a camel during their vacation.  Camels are also still widely used as work animals in many countries in Africa.  However, count the humps on all of those camels, and you will find that each one has only one.