December 2008

Zoo Animals Need Weight Watchers

After all that rich Christmas food most of us will be aware of putting on a few pounds, but we won't be the only ones starting a diet in the New Year.  'Kancha', a Royal Bengal tiger at the Jawalakhelzoo in Nepal will be slimming down too, after putting on an excess of 40 kilos over the past few months.  Well, what do you expect from a diet of fatty Buffalo meat? Although adult Bengal tigers can weigh up to 660lbs, compared to her two

An Inhumane Campaign

The issue of animal testing has always been a thorny and complex one.  No-one wants to see animals suffer,  yet the medical community argue that animal testing is a necessary step to developing life saving new drugs.  The public steer away from products tested on animals, buying toiletries and cosmetics that are clearly marked 'Not Tested on Animals', but few of us realize that this statement may not apply to the ind

Top 5 Animal Stories of 2008

5. Upside Down Dogs Does what it says on the tin! Take a picture of your dog lying upside down, flip the image so that he or she appears to be right side up, and send it into their submissions queue. The results are more hilarious than you might expect. was the I Can Has Cheezburger? Of 2008. 4. New Animals Throughout 2008, scientists were busy hunting through malaria-infested bogs and darkest forests looking for new species - and they found them!

Apartment dwellers find unusual solutions to "No Dog" and "No Cat" rules

The New York Times has a charming and interesting piece on non-dog and non-cat pets in New York City. Reporter Teri Karush Rogers interviewed several families which own unusual pets, in a bid to get around dog and cat prohibitions in apartment buildings. The pets profiled include a rabbit, a pair of small parrots, a chinchilla, and an iguana. Rabbits, of course, make fine house pets. Well, aside from all the chewing.

Biological Treasure Trove: Over 1,000 New Species Discovered

More than 1,000 species have been found in Southeast Asia's Greater Mekong region's rain forests and wetlands along the Mekong River. The river flows through Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the southern Chinese province of Yunnan. In just the last decade, creatures unknown to man have been found, including a spider reported being as big as a dinner plate.

Ask the Bird Folks

A metafilter user published a post about a series of articles by Mike O'Connor, who he describes as "a "Car Talk" of bird writing." O'Connor writes a column called "Ask the Bird Folks" for his local newspaper in Cape Cod, MA. Five of O'Connor's articles were chosen to be published in an edition of The Best American Science and Nature Writing. I've been reading through O'Connor's articles all morning, and it's great stuff.

Barking Insanity

Currently I am living with three small dogs. Now normally I am an all around animal lover no matter what shape size or species. These three little monsters however are in some need of an attitude adjustment. I always felt that debarking a dog was cruel but the suggestion is becoming more and more pleasing.
When their owners are home the incessant barking is for the most part at a minim. The ballistic barking trio only chime in at ear piercing decibels if there is a knock at the door.

Rupert Sheldrake and Animal Psi

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, in a peer-reviewed study, demonstrated scientifically that a dog had a psychic link with its owner.


The methodology was simple, but controlled with great rigor. Dr. Sheldrake predicted (formed a hypothesis) that Pam Smart's dog, Jaytee, would go to the window and wait for her to come home, at those times that Ms. Smart decided to come home (from a remote location).