October 2008

found a stray cat and think it is pregnant ? please HELP ??!!!!

hi i found a stray cat and took it in she seems to be growing in her stomach much like my other cats have befor in the past when pregnent she doesnt like to be held much anymore and likes to sleep and lay down on her sides however her nipples have not yet begun swell or sag if you know anything else about telling if a cat is pregnant or if you have any tips you could give please reply thanks very much nicole


Does any one kno any good sites to play horse games. i luv horses and have oe of my own but on the internet there is only games with message boards if any one knows any games that r for horse people like showing games please email me.

biting puppy

I just got a puppy from the Humane Society and she will not stop biting me for anything. It seems like all the time I spend with her is me yelling at her "NO!" and trying to keep my hands from getting bloody. Does anyone have any advice to help me get her to stop biting me? And advice at all. Thanks. :)