September 2008

rabbit died suddenly

I was quite upset to find my dear rabbit had died suddenly during the night this week, after appearing perfectly happy and normal the night before. She was abandoned as an adult over 5 years ago, so I don't know her age. She had had some health problems, including a sprained spinal cord when I found her, which responded well to steroids. Also chronic conjunctivitis and an ear abscess which I had treated five years ago. I have three cats as well. Any thoughts? She was my first rabbit.

Re: HELP!!!

My husband, myself and our two children adopted Lucky from our local shelter. He is a three year old dauchie mix. He belonged to a elderly man with a few other female dogs. We have had him for about a year. Lucky is a wonderful dog, he stays by our side, never needing a leash, and is very good with the kids (age 5 and 7). He hates being left alone and will cry and tremble after about 5 minutes. The first few months Lucky was home he asked to go out, came in and never had accidents in the house.


I have a old dog and I know he will not last much longer. We got a new puppy to have a instant replacement for when he passes. He doesn't accept the new puppy at all. what should I do?

The Owl and the Woodpecker

The Owl an the Woodpecker by Paul Bannick For fans of owls and woodpeckers, and all birds alike, this is a beautiful book.  Paul Bannick's photographs of North America's owls and woodpeckers are spectacularly shot.  His photos capture the birds in their natural habitats.

Friendly Whales Video On-Line

My film "The Whale's Tale" presents the friendly gray whales at the San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja California, Mexico. The whales come so close people touch them. “The Whale’s Tale” can be seen on the web, if you have a high speed connection. The movie is less than 15 minutes long. This is a free streaming video on the Windows Media Player. No ads and no strings attached.

confused about cat food!

I love my two 1 year old cats, and I want them to get the best nutrition possible. I am very confused about cat food. I have been feeding them IAMS since 8 weeks of age. Recently I have heard some bad things about the company. I am a vegetarian and very concerned about nurtition for myself and my pets. How do I find out what the best brands of cat food are? Any advice would be appreciated.

my lover

I have a cat who assists on sleeping between me an my partner. I seem to have problem when we want to spend sometime together because my cat is there in a instant. Locking him out of the room doesn't work because he will start meowing. What can I do?

animal talk

My daughter has to do a report on animal communication with her group,and I was wondering what site we should go to. Everyday her teacher makes them look up information and show it to her the next day. The animals that we are researching are manatees, bull elk, pikas, elephant seals, white tailed deer, and blue footed boobies. If you have any info please send me the site.

Puppy with worms and a baby's in the house

I have a son who is going to be one on the 23rd of this month, so he's walking and playing. Well I just found out my brand new puppy has worms badly and she pooed on the floor and immediately they started getting into the carpet in my front room; where my son plays all the time, actually right in front of his toy box. I was wondering if anyone knew what I can do to get these worms out of my carpet, before he wakes up in the morning and mommy's to paranoid to let him get down and play. Thanks