August 2008


help! my 5 1/2 month old puppy is barking constantly at everything and everyone. nothing seems to help. he loves the taste of citrus, so i can't get him one of those collars! any suggestions???

My pet rabbit just died today

Well I am very very upset right now. Two weeks ago I brought home a wonderful and sweet Mini-Rex Rabbit for my girlfriend. Even though I got him for her, he ended up becommming my rabbit. He was just the most awsome pet.. I don't know what happened.. He was fine.. then diareha.. then he just died. I took him to the vet as soon as I saw something wrong but I guess it was too late. Right now I feel so guilty.. I wasn't there when he died and he was alone, in a strange place surounded by strangers.

Behavioral Problem

I have a 9 wk. old Shih Tzu puppy. She is not housebroken at all though we have had her 2-1/2 wks. and have worked with her. I know she is young and this will take time. The thing that is driving me crazy is that she wants to eat and play with her poop. I have a crate for her that she is confined in a lot of the time.. She never goes there but when I let her out and if she does poop and you are not right with her she does it. H E L P! ! ! What can I do to break her of this????

my two dogs have a disgusting habit

Hello all you pet lovers.I have two dogs Ludo my 11 year old Dandie dinmont terrier and Sugar my west highland white x yorkshire terrier she is 14mths old..Both dogs are well looked after well loved fed well with a variety of meat and vegetables and other foods..however they continue to eat their faeces and the cats faeces .. Sugar is however doing it more than Ludo.. they are both healthy and happy..does any other dog owners have this yuccky problem ive been told its normal however it still worries me..thankyou regards Alex

Help, my dog is in so much pain!

Hunny, my four year old sheltie, has arthritis or something very much like it. When she wakes up in the morning sometimes we have to help her stand up because she is in so much pain. She can hardly walk up and down the stairs now. Most the time we have to carry her. The vet said the only thing i could do was give her doggie pain killer. Is that true? Can I do something more? Is there anyhting I can do to ease her pain? I want her to be back to her usual self. Spunkie and happy, with out the pain. Thanks,