Zoo Monkey Sharpens Knife And Shatters Enclosure Glass

More proof that we shouldn't lock up sentient animals...

If we need no further proof that monkeys are sentient, aware beings who know they are imprisoned in zoos, take a look at this story about a monkey who sharpened a rock in order to use it to smash his own enclosure glass. He shattered the glass and proved that he wanted his freedom more than anything else. I get that in many circumstances, zoos are what keep animals alive. But why can't we just really enforce laws against poaching to keep them safe instead?

My teen and I were reading about how, in the wild, orcas live up to 100 years of age. In captivity? Six. That is ridiculous, and it is testament to how well animals do when humans leave them alone. The saddest part is that these are sentient creatures with families, who experience the same kinds of emotions and goals and hardships that we face, and we largely remain unaffected by their suffering. 

What other instances have you read of animals demonstrating how aware they are? Share them in the chat.

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