Is Your Dog Scared Of You?

His look might say yes

When our dogs give us those guilty looks that we think look so adorable after they've, oh, destroyed a roll of toilet paper or a couch cushion (true stories in my house, among many other things my heelers have done!), it turns out that it might not be as cute as we think. According to researchers, the look isn't born out of a feeling of guilt, but of fear. You can read about the study at the link and see for yourself if it sounds more like fear than guilt to you; while it makes sense, it also makes me sad that my dogs would feel fear regarding my actions toward them.

I've also seen dogs experience fear before that looks so different to me. I once had a dog who peed when a neighbor would pet him--just one neighbor out of the whole neighborhood. You can bet that I still have misgivings about this neighbor! It was kind of terrifying to witness and when my child wanted to go into that person's home to play with that person's child, my answer was a vehement no just based on that. I could totally be wrong, but anyone who makes my dog, who was otherwise completely happy and loving toward every hoo-man, feel like that deserves a little scrutiny, don't you think?

Do you think your dog experiences fear when it comes to you? Explain why in the chat.

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