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Australians are planning to kill two million feral cats by dropping poisoned sausages for them to eat via airplanes. This has so much wrong with it I don't even know where to begin. 

Some good news: abused elephants in India can find help at a new elephant hospital, the first of its kind. Animal welfare group Wildlife SOS started the hospital to help elephants who've been abused as tourist attractions.

In a tragic story from a palm oil farm, an orangutan was found blinded, broken and hit with 74 air rifle pellets still in her body along with her malnourished baby. Her baby died on the way to the facility where they were taken, and she remains heartbroken as rescuers attempt to save her. I'd ask what humans could do this but just look at what humans do to one another.

Apparently you can reduce your fear of spiders by watching Spider-Man. I suppose this makes sense given how many people overcome their fears but it also seems a little silly.

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