When Animals Grow Old

Powerful set of farm animal photos

How many people get to see farm animals that have aged into old age? Most of us certainly don't, since most of them live short lives designed to use them up for food production. When animals are allowed to grow old with dignity under the protection of a sanctuary, the results are startling, to say the least.

This collection of photos really opens your eyes to what animals, like people, could look like if allowed to age and grow. I have to admit that I have seen one of these effects before, as we do have an elderly chicken in our flock who looks similar to one of those here, but just looking at the sheep and pig make me feel as if I've never even seen these particularl species before. Just as humans look different in their old age, so do farm animals.

Have you ever seen farm animals grow to live this old? Do you have any elderly animal companions of your own? Share your stories in the chat.

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