What's Inside A Marsupial Pouch?

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As a kid, I remember marsupial pouches being something of a mysterious wonder, and I wished that I could have one to pull random things out of. While I'm glad that I don't have a pouch like that these days (nor a baby that tiny who has to crawl out to learn to survive), looking inside different marsupial pouches is nonetheless incredible. From the inside, it almost looks like an alien egg rather than a mammal from our planet!

I had no idea how different each marsupial's pouch is. Did you know that wombats' pouches are backwards? I also always pictured little joeys inside all cozy and nestled, still and warm, while many of them like to sway, hang parts of their bodies outside their parents and have a jolly time! I also had no idea that when the mother hops or makes a hasty exit her pouch tightens to protect the youngster, which means the baby gets a big squeeze for safety.

What did you think of the inside of a marsupial's pouch? Have you seen any similar videos featuring other marsupials? Share them in the chat!

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