Whale Songs

These are incredible

The fact that over 80% of our own ocean remains unexplored is unbelievable to me, and scientists tell us that most of the acoustics picked up in the ocean aren't even identified! We literally have an alien planet right amidst our own, and there could be anything lurking in the waters. How many creatures have we yet to discover? The giant squid alone is able to remain elusive from humans, so imagine what other life could be sharing the planet with us! It makes Mira Grant's novel Into the Drowning Deep seem more realistic than ever.

Sci-fi and horror aside, the link above features some incredible sounds and interviews with the scientists who are working on helping us "meet" more creatures living in the deep than ever. Just listening to it gave me goosebumps and it's worth sharing, especially with young people who may have never heard whale sounds before.

What do you think is lurking in the deep? Share any oceanic findings that you've read about in the chat!

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