Vet Shoots Dog

Woman says dog was "barking too much"

As the owner of two blue heeler/lab mixes, I know how annoying barking can be. The sound of my dogs barking can be grating on my ears and I usually call them back inside after a moment of barking. I sure appreciate it when someone I don't know knocks on my door or someone tries to sell me something, though!

This veterinarian shot her neighbor's American bulldog when the 15-month-old dog wouldn't stop barking. The dog was cruelly and coldly murdered with a gunshot to his head. The vet also had narcotics in her home and had previously threatened the dog. 

The vet maintained that she thought the dog was dangerous, but even if he was, this wasn't the way to go about handling the situation. Wasn't there a vet who shot a cat a couple of years ago with a bow and arrow, too? That one even bragged about it on social media. 

What do you think the consequences of murdering someone's pet should be?


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