Track the Eagles

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My family loves citizen science projects. Our favorite is probably Penguin Watch, where we pick out penguins in various photos to help scientists count the populations and keep track of adult and baby penguins. It's fast, free and fun, and you're helping scientists in the process.

If you like tracking that kind of data and finding more information about animals, you might enjoy this eagle tracking project. You can watch this eagle's flight all over the map and be wowed by just how far it has traveled. We all know that birds fly in the back of our minds but picturing it on a map like this really demonstrates just how far and how long an eagle's flight in particular might be. Just thinking about all of that flying makes me excited, scared and worn out! I always wonder if birds are as excited about flight as humans might be.

Have you seen any cool animal studies or similar animal tracking reports lately? Share them in the chat!

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