Tiny Meals Fit For An Opossum

But why...

I just watched this video about a pet owner who not only has a pet opossum, but also prepares it miniature versions of her own food each day to eat to be creative. It's adorable, no doubt. I've seen people do the same for hamsters or guinea pigs in YouTube videos. I still have to ask... why?

As a parent, I can tell you that there's definitely no time to make kids smaller versions of what you eat, especially if you work and attend college at the same time. In fact, you will end up eating the "miniature" versions of your kids' food, or what's left of it, often! Maybe the owner just enjoys it and thinks it's cute. Maybe she makes videos and that helps fund the project. I'm sure there's a reason! I just don't see it myself, and I wonder if the opossum should be eating something else, too. I get that these critters eat garbage and it's probably fine, but I am curious enough to do a bit of research on it later, especially after having had to shoo these animals out of my chicken coop in the past. I figured they were stealing eggs, but who knows?

Do you make tiny food for your fur babies or know anyone who does? Share your videos and experiences in the chat!

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