Tiger Cuddles Pregnant Woman Through Glass

That or he contemplates eating her...

Have you seen the viral video going around of the tiger that snuggled up to a woman at the zoo? Well, the tiger snuggled as closely as he could get considering that there was glass between the two of them, but people are squealing over it because they believe the tiger "sensed" she was pregnant and was rubbing its face all over the glass, much like a cat would do.

Speaking as an owner of many animals over the years, I think that cats in general can definitely tell when your body changes. My beloved cat refused to have anything to do with me when I was pregnant and her brother, aloof as can be, became a giant softie, snuggling with "the baby," AKA my round stomach, every night! That said, they were my pets for years and in tune with me on a daily basis... I think as cute as this looked, the tiger may have simply been eying a potential snack. 

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Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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