This Dalmatian Will Have You Seeing Hearts

Share your favorite critters with unusual markings!

Looking at animals with unusual markings, color variations and other unique features is so much fun. I love seeing cats with colors with split faces, cute designs on pet fur courtesy of nature alone and other fun variations. I even love dew claws, so long as they don't get in your pet's way; one of my dogs has them and removal would be dangerous for her, but luckily they don't hinder her at all and I think they are cute!

This dalmatian is a great example of cool and unique features on a dog: it has a heart over its eye! I can't get over how adorable it is. How perfect could that spot be placed! I also love the long hair; usually I see short hair dalmatians and this one looks SO fluffy! 

I've seen some other animals with fun markings, like cats with bow ties, but I'd love to see more. Does your pet have cool markings? Have you seen other ones on animals on the Internet? Share them in the chat!

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