Test Tube Rhino May Save Species

What do you think of the ethical implications?

It's exciting to hear that scientists have made a test tube baby white rhino in hopes of saving the species, but the ethical implications of this tech breakthrough have me feeling so ambivalent. On the one hand, I am completely freaked out over people cloning their companion animals--animals that aren't going extinct, and that are overpopulated. So why should I feel like this is fantastic news? After all, if nature is getting rid of a species, shouldn't we respect that?

The problem with that line of thinking, of course, is that it assumed it's the natural way of life, but when humans destroy, we do so without discrimination, often leaving nothing in our wake but death. So if a species loss is our fault (and rhinos definitely are), shouldn't we try to fix the issue? 

What do you think of playing with animal genetics? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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