The Stinkiest Animals in the World

Have you met any of these?

It's the time of year when skunks start to plague our property. That stink really sinks into the house to the point where we can't have company or even eat! I've discovered that the trick is to air out the house, even though that's the last thing you want to do since it means opening windows to more smell initially. The airing helps the scent dissipate much more quickly, though, and it's gone in at least a few hours. f

But did you know that there are many other animals that reek aside from our favorite black and white critters? The Stink Bird of the Amazon rainforest is a famous example that smells like manure due to its unique diet. The lesser anteater actually smells much worse than a skunk, and the Tasmanian devil is pretty stinky when it gets upset. Also, my dogs stink if they eat a bunch of cheese...!

What other stinky animals do you know about?


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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