Secret Whale Jails

CW for heartbreaking news

My heart dropped into my gut when I read about these beluga whales and orcas being held in "whale jails" off the Pacific Coast of Russia. It might be illegal, is currently being investigated by prosecutors and has only been captured by drone footage. We don't know why the 100+ animals are being contained this way but it's likely that they'll be sold to marine theme parks in China. Apparently the company had permission to capture 13 animals for educational purposes but they've obviously lied and gone well above and beyond that number.

While many nations are curbing marine theme parks, and even giving creatures like dolphins "personhood" due to their incredible intelligence, China's parks are only increasing in number. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be captive in these little cages after having the ocean as your habitat. I think it would drive me mad. Greenpeace says that it's pretty much torturing these highly intelligent animals.

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