Seal Boards Boat to Escape Certain Death

Now that's a brave creature!

There is an amazing video going around the Internet of a seal that jumps up on a boat to escape certain death! A family was out in the water, watching a pod of whales, when the creatures' prey made a beeline for their boat. The animal desperately flopped up on the boat and you can see the fear on it's poor face as it tries to decide which is more dangerous: the black and white beasts that have eaten its kin or the hairless apes who yell in surprise as they float around on their boat!

The family then had an intense half hour while the orcas swam around, waiting for the poor pinniped, who ended up falling off the boat several times in its fear. Eventually the whales left and the brave little seal, which appeared so doglike in the video, swam off, alive and well.

You have to see it to believe it! Have you stumbled across any great animal videos to share this week?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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