Saving The Dog That Was A Wolf

What would you have done?

Animal rescue stories are so beautiful not just because we root for an animal who made it through adversity but because it gives us hope in humanity. It makes us feel so much better to see the good stories of people who care, and we want to believe that there are more of those kinds of people out in the world around us than the alternative. Some kind people in Estonia recently saved a dog's life from a frozen lake, but the coworkers soon discovered that the dog was, in fact, a wolf! 

The workers put the animal in their car to warm it up and even the animal rescue workers who saw the wolf didn't recognize it for what it was. A hunter was able to spot its wild nature and it's thought that the animal behaved to tamely because the poor thing's blood pressure was so low at that point from being frozen. 

It's still quite cool that the animal was rescued, and you can read more, see the wolf's photos or donate to the organization caring for the wolf here. Have you read any other great animal rescue stories this week? Share them in the chat!

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