Pink Baby Dolphin Alert!

New calf born to pink dolphin

What's cuter than a dolphin? A pink dolphin, of course! This adorable baby dolphin was born recently to a rare pink dolphin who lives in the Louisiana area. They've been seen in the Calcasiey River and they pretty much give us hope that there's still beauty and wonder in the world. 

Pink dolphins are so rare that they're almost extinct, so any new birth is something to celebrate. Locals are calling the dolphin Pinky, which isn't all that creative, but who cares, it's nice to have something positive to enjoy together. Maybe her birth is a sign that good things are coming if we just hold on and keep working toward progress, especially for these creatures and their habitat. We can dream!

Have you seen any other cute animal births or rare animal news this week? Share it in the chat.

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