Pet Furniture

IKEA provides!

IKEA is relatively new where I live. I remember traveling and discovering the store, and everyone who lived nearby couldn't believe I'd never heard of it. This became a common theme in the area, which became akin to another planet to me, and where I once thought I'd love to live became a place I definitely didn't connect with. Still, I did admire the company itself and now that one has been built where I live, I do like to go now and then and check out what's new.

The pet line of furniture is something to behold. There are all kinds of pet beds, accessories and functional nooks that double as useful furniture for humans as well. Like most things from IKEA, they're also stylish and more affordable than many items found in pet stores, and they definitely have me considering new pieces for my dogs. I wouldn't dream to get anything for my cats, who obviousy own our beds, the couch and all other furniture and would merely snub such an insult to their queendom.

What do you think of IKEA pet furniture? Do you use any? Share it in the chat.

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