Our Favorite Internet Pets Are Dying

It's the hardest part about loving animals

Loving a pet is always difficult when it's that animal's time to die, and there are pets I feel like I still haven't recovered from losing in my life. So it's no wonder that when a pet that's become an Internet sensation dies we all feel it hard. 

One of the cutest pets to ever grace the Internet, Lil Bub, has passed away. Photos of the cat with her huge eyes and tongue sticking out have delighted us all since 2011 and her loss is incredibly sad. Fans of Grumpy Cat, AKA Tarder Sauce, will recall that we lost her earlier this year as well. I have a plush Grumpy Cat in my bedroom that we bought for our kiddo who was once obsessed with her. She had feline dwarfism, and we had a cat with the same condition who died way too early due to complications from it. 

What other celebrity cats or other pets have you mourned recently?

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