One Guinea Pig Is Against The Law

But not why you think!

If you heard that it's against the law to have a guinea pig in Switzerland, you might think it's simply illegal to keep the rodents as pets. Not so: in fact, the law is rather sweet. You have to have at least two pigs because they get lonely without at least one friend! Guinea pigs are herd animals and happiest with other pigs. 

This makes total sense, which also makes me feel guilty, as one of our guinea pigs just passed away earlier this year and we haven't gotten a friend for the remaining pig. I know he might be happier, but we don't want more pigs and he's already several years old, so it would have to be another older pig, which is harder to find. 

Laws like this don't only protect guinea pigs, but certain types of fish, birds and other pets, too. It's a great law to help protect the animals and their well-being. Have you read any other interesting animal laws this week? Share them in the chat!

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