Octopus Arms Think For Themselves

Are you even surprised at this point?

As a cat owner, I've always wondered whether my cats have full control of their tails, or if they have "minds of their own." Some of them are constantly flopping around, others only do when the animals seem irritated and it's confusing, darn it! Scientists say that the arms of an octopus have minds of their own, which frankly doesn't surprise me at this point. Does it surprise you? The octopus is such an incredible creature, so smart and unique, that every time I hear something new about the cephalopod I just sort of shrug and say yep, sounds legit.

More than half of the animal's 500 million neurons are located outside its brain, with clusters in each arm to control movement. It's absolutely unbelievable, and as with many intelligent animals, I have to wonder what future generations will think back on us eating something so incredible and clever. The octopus will inherit this earth once humans have wiped each other out, mark my words!

What other cool facts do you know about the octopus? Share them in the chat!

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