No Alpha Males, No Drama Among Baboons

Could it apply to other societies?

What if you took every alpha male out of a society? Do you think it would collapse or prosper? When the alpha males died out of a troop of baboons, the latter occurred. The alphas in a troop known as the Garbage Dump Troop wouldn't allow other baboons to consume the food they accessed though the garbage bins, which means that when they ate poisoned meat, half of the males in the troop died. This is sad, but it led to a more peaceful and harmonious troop afterward.

The stress levels of the troop dropped immensely, and the group spent much more time grooming one another and being social together than being aggressive. The new group also keeps alphas in check, not allowing new members to become aggressive and showing them the rules of the roost. This happened in one generation! Can you imagine if it happened among different species? How about humans?

Have you heard of any other animal societies benefiting from losing their alpha males or changing in dynamics so drastically within a single generation? Share your findings in the chat.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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