Marmosets Teach Babies to Speak Like Human Parents

Who knew we had so much in common?

Okay, to be fair, marmosets are monkeys, and we already know that monkeys and humans have tons of things in common. But this is a developmental area where we meet, which is, on some levels, more interesting than the biological areas in which we are similar.

It turns out that marmosets teach their children to speak in the same way that humans teach their offspring to speak. Like humans, marmosets are highly social animals, and they give their babies feedback when they "babble" as they learn to speak. As any parent knows, responding to such baby talk with actual conversation, as if the baby is speaking real words, is how we encourage our young to speak. Just thinking about "marmoset babble" has me down with a case of The Cutes and I may have to google that just to hear it myself!

Do you know of any other animals that learn to speak in this manner?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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