Man Found Dead Inside Snake

Giant python ate Indonesian man

Man-eating snakes. They do exist, although they are rare, and if you need proof, take a look at the body of a man who was just found inside the body of a giant python in Indonesia! The poor guy had been at work on his farm, and after he went missing people spotted the over-full reptile struggling to slither in the village of Salubrio.

Villagers had located the missing man’s tools and shoe, and when they saw the snake they immediately put two and two together. Even though the python, which grows to 20 feet or more, is common in the area, this is the first time a person was discovered in one in this area. Hopefully it was a fluke that won’t be repeated anytime soon.

Have you ever heard of any other animal stories where a creature either ate or attempted to eat a person?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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