Lead is Killing Bald Eagles

Hunters can do something about it

The next time you want to smirk, "Eat my lead!" at some beastie you're shooting in the woods, hunters, think about your ammo. If you're a fan of the bald eagle, your choice of lead ammunition may upset you. Bald eagles are dying because they are ingesting prey that has been riddled with lead, poisoning the eagles to where they cannot even lift their heads up or open their beaks. As much as you may imagine birds of prey to be keen hunters, the reality is that they are also scavengers and they will go after any prey left by a careless hunter.

Even responsible hunters who try their best to find the prey they shoot yet sometimes just can't locate it can still help protect eagles by choosing responsible ammunition. Contact Hunting with Non-Lead Bullets for more information and ideas.

Are you a hunter? Do you use non-lead ammunition?

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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